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Key Information:

Bio about Professional Life:

Al Lily is an Amazon bestselling author, Oxford graduate & associate professor of education, technology & sociology. He is a Saudi international consultant on Saudi culture. He worked as a consultant for various organisations, such as Wikimedia Foundation (US), AlphaSights Ltd. (Dubai) and Oxford Strategic Consulting (UK). He has published with the largest academic publishers: Elsevier, Springer, Taylor & Francis, Wiley, Sage Oxford University Press. He has written in different languages; for academic & non-academic magazines (e.g. Australasian Science, openDemocracy, Your Middle East, Vocativ & the Italian Journal of Geopolitics). He has pioneered an innovative approach in research, called Crowd-Authoring. He acted as the initiator, mediator & first author of an article by 99 authors; the first article in the social sciences to be written by such a large number of people. His articles were the most read articles in some impact-factor journals and are cited more than 100 times. He was a 0.5%-researcher on in 2016. For more outstanding professional experiences, click HERE.

Bio about Social Life:

Al Lily is described as a sporty, fit, healthy, ‘cultured’ and ‘well-rounded’ academic. He is a traveller (visited 40 countries). He visited Tibet. He scuba-dived 30m to see Underwater Museum in Mexico. He is a cyclist, cycled on a safari trip in Kenya and mountain-biked in New Zealand. He flew in a helicopter, a hot balloon and a seaplane in the Maldives. He was on the Britannia cruise trip. He did rafting and wild-swam under Bali’s largest waterfalls and in Mexico’s caves. He dined at the Dark Restaurant in Cologne. He went to an indoor pillow cinema at a converted underground station in London and an open-air beanbag cinema in Oxford. He went blow-karting in Holland. He saw in the wild pandas in China, penguins in South Africa, kangaroos in Australia and kiwis in New Zealand! He drove throughout Bali and Sri Lanka and through the desert by a 4*4 car. He snorkelled in the Philippines to watch turtles and explore the Coral Garden. For more outstanding social experiences and pictures, click HERE.