Key Information:

Bio about Professional Life:

He is an Oxford graduate, bestselling author, active writer, associate professor & Saudi international consultant on Saudi culture. He has published with the largest academic publishers: Elsevier, Springer, Taylor & Francis, Wiley, SAGR, Palgrave, Nature Research & Oxford Press. His writings and interviews are translated into different languages: Chinese, Spanish, German, Italian, Arabic & English. He has co-coined ‘the theory of multiple stupidities’ and ‘the theory of retroactivism’. He has pioneered an innovative approach: ‘crowd-authoring’. He is the initiator and first author of an article by 99 authors; the first article in the social sciences to be written by such a large number. He worked as a consultant for such organisations as Wikimedia Foundation (US), AlphaSights Ltd. (Dubai) and Oxford Strategic Consulting (UK). For more professional experiences, click HERE.

Bio about Social Life:

He is described as a sporty, ‘cultured’ & ‘well-rounded’ academic. He has been to 41 countries & visited Tibet. He scuba-dived 30m to see Underwater Museum and jumped from a cliff in Mexico. He is a cyclist, cycled on a safari trip in Kenya & mountain-biked in New Zealand. He flew in a helicopter, a hot balloon & a seaplane in Maldives. He was on the Britannia cruise trip. He did rafting & wild-swam under Bali’s largest waterfalls & in Mexico’s caves. He dined at Dark Restaurant in Cologne. He went to an indoor pillow cinema & an open-air beanbag cinema. He went skiing in Kazakhstan & blow-karting in Holland. He saw, in the wild, pandas in China, penguins in South Africa, kangaroos in Australia & kiwis in New Zealand! He drove throughout Bali & Sri Lanka & in the desert by a 4*4 car. He snorkelled in Philippines to watch turtles & explore Coral Garden. He floated on the Dead Sea in Jordan. For more social experiences and pictures, click HERE.