Useful Academic Phrases (Al Lily’s Collection)

  • Some researchers should ‘stand for evil’, playing the role of the devil’s advocate.
  • I hope by analysing it to destroy it.
  • Co-education, co-educational institution, missed-gender settings
  • Pros and cons
  • Attributions
  • Dire consequences
  • Put bluntly,
  • To speak a language is to take on a world, a culture.
  • The school itself is a social institution through which social reform can and should take place. by John Dewey
  • An offshoot of any other discipline
  • Hotly debated
  • Some one should dare call it power
  • We may question how far this is true.
  • At the crossroads of X and Y
  • In his work, he strove to bring the concept of ideology into the foreground,
  • Religion-oriented communication
  • Technology evolution
  • xxx carries no weight.
  • descriptive statement – prescriptive statement
  • It is parent that
  • To challenge ideas grounded in tradition and faith
  • Of particular note for xxx, X draws attention to the research suggesting
  • Wearing one of my hats
  • A designated (= specific) group of people
  • Germane to = Relevant to
  • Shared understanding = cultural exchange
  • Onwards into the battle…
  • Because this sample of x countries may not be representative of all the countries of the world, the conclusions from this data set are only suggestive of what one might find in studying all countries.
  • With a few inconsistencies, therefore, Table x suggests a positive relationship between the variables
  • Putting my devil’s advocate glasses on, it can be said
  • Self-conscious criticality
  • The scale /range of enquiry has been broadened.
  • our sample of x students was randomly drawn
  • questioner
  • in looking beyond the Uni context,…
  • To be miseducated to
  • classroom organization
  • Disengage from the way he was raised
  • Saw the birth of an obsession with
  • This pilot study has been done on a small sample as part of what will eventually be applied to a larger sample
  • Can develop into a fatal friendship
  • This randomization process tends to control for other social or behavioral characteristics. Each group had the same proportion of men and women as the original group of x.
    In his provocatively titled Sex and Beyond,
    classroom structure
    classroom climate
    To take on board new theoretical concepts.
  • Phrased another way,
  • xxx produces a number of surprising (and increasingly unforgivable) blind spots in the field
  • can be explained by a triadic interaction of
    Come to the fore
    Take the lead
    Put into radical question sth
    I shall now go on to account in detail for the view that
    My hat off to her
    put sb at a significant disadvantage
    to report that
    the logical implication would be for the educational system to do sth
    to participate in class
    lecture-oriented or a discussion-oriented class
    We shall focus, for the sake of simplicity, solely upon…

this perplexing question is important because
the chilly classroom climate
Literature is admittedly speculative: they possess only anecdotal evidence about …
X’s observations of 0 classes found …
to put it a different way
what we could take from x is that
as with the example above, x too can
by the end of this chapter, the reader is expected to be familiar with ….
Indispensable means of doing sth
mentioned later in this chapter (but only passing) are
I am not prepared to enter this debate on either side, but if nothing else
the disadvantage
I have quoted this passage at some length just because
to break down the barriers and separate identities/units
it is apparent that
in suggesting that, we must not confuse
raise your eyebrows
x us understood to be
It is fair to say that
only time will reveal the larger effects
if … on…
x can be seen/argued/said/assumed/understood to be
the educational technology community
brining the world corners together closer than ever
place-bound community
with the passage of time
over time
lend support
disparity = difference
there is little reason to believe
real-life, real-world context
it therefore seem sensible to contend that
commentators, writers, researchers
echoing x, it can be argued
this means that it is important to study the history of x and examine the factors
fitter or fatter
bundle of
passivity of students
as seen before,
technology in practice
technology in context
men and women learn about each other’s attitudes
this happens in educational settings
school’s tie to the immediate community and the broader society
social organization of school
beyond horizons
business-as-usual future
equally important is/ will be x
overlooked has been the possibility that x can effect
to make such a claim is to be a part of the problem
all-or-none view
to be open to criticism
by the same token
to pay sustained attention
doing x forms the focus of this thesis
doing x forms the focus of this thesis
x aim to offer a deliberately critical analysis of x
the crucial idea embedded un this passage is how x does
x is a case in point
x has not given the attention it deserves
x is meant to be sth of a wake-up call to those researchers and policy-makers who are deeply interested in the use of x
it is important to begin with a realization that
… the difference to be found in …
in other modes of interpretation, however,
in the eyes of sb,…
in taking this position,
by way of contrast
for reasons not relevant to the present discussion,
this still leaves open the possibility that…
Seen in this light
beyond x lies cases in which…
nevertheless, there is a case to be made that this is also
a possible objection to the notions that I have developed here is that
in the first domain, the focus comes to rest on maters from
some hope is raised that
there are, one must admit,
to ignore this is to take a flight from reality that must be considered.
But x’s idea has some merit
I can hear the outcry already
it has become sth of a commonplace to say that
socially-focus theory
organizational structure
resource distribution
social change
social control
technology of control
social management
spatial mobility
spatial flexibility
spatial proximity
there is some indication that
if, for the sake of argument,
beyond naivety,
putting gender into context,
deeply context dependent
, particularly but not exclusively,
x echoes this point when discussing
the question that begs an answer is that
assuming either a ‘pro’ or an ‘anti’ stance
the social dimensions of technology
attention at the macro level gives rather little clue as to how
social context of use
the outcomes run against the expectation
it is not my attention to legislate over which story is right and which is wrong
it is worthwhile dwelling on this example for a moment, since it
at a pivotal point
x carries substantial weight
As I was analysing the raw data, there emerged the following sub-category, concepts and codes.
be but
provide grounds for doing
x is better off doing
Here, two points can be made. First,
For reasons of space, I can give only an outline of the argument here
lie at the centre of
what is especially worth noting in our discussion, however, is that
more often than not
It is not the aim of the article to diagnose … But to question it.
the main thread
there is considerable evidence regarding
We can, therefore, accept that
there are writers who
… remains firmly centre stage in contemporary discussions about
turning to the issue of …,
carefully crafted and richly informed by…
… are probably likely to be more crucial to this, though not exclusively so
What they point to is X
essential to this
x is contestable and in contention with
patterns of connectivity
we were thus guided by several interrelated questions
critical thinkers and self-starters
an outstanding example
In like fashion,
as might be expected
another theme apparent in student practice was sabotage
x’s experience suggests one possible explanation
technologies are responsive to the broader institutional setting
to encounter an unprecedented amount of resistance and defiant behavior
manage a no-win situation
devote their attention
equally important is x
by way of example
x, we are led to believe,…
it may also be worth giving some thought as to how
we set out from the premise that what is needed is a renewed interest in x.
at the outside of this paper
what we argue here is that
This part is intended to sharpen the focus on challenges inherent in democratic participation and obstacles to its realisation.
powerful forces could, rightly or wrongly, lead to
co-emergance of technologies and society
technologies can be blind and deaf to social needs
Like it or not,
to single out
the objection can be raised that
this reflects a growing realisation on the part of x that…
the most common objections raised to the notion of x are based on misunderstanding
… in no way disregards …
in the same direction,
by all accounts,
this section is in no way intended as an inclusive overview of…
the political system in power
computer-based distance education
there is currently a groundswell of opposition to the argument that…
this faith, if borne out, would certainly be a beacon.
there are some sigh that
the most ancient written documents that have come down to un make clear that
in this chapter, we have presented evidence to show that a key element of x is y
teacher interviews confirm that…
but this changed relationship was not without its side effects
the education service
This is not a book about technology per se. It is a book about the intense relationship…
the traditional distance between people and machine has become harder to maintain.
computer embody post-modern theory and bring it down to earth.
Social reality
Inner dialectic

(x: 1; my translation)

Behind the idea of x lies a common perception of
It is the contention of our argument that
The paper falls into three main sections
on analytical grounds
One of the findings of our study is that
It will be deemed worthwhile if there is evidence
With this influx of technology come both opportunities and problems.


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