Fan Messages

 Fan 1:
You know your name is the most repeated name in my thesis. I actually wrote that I was inspired by you. So great job honestly and thanks for your publications they did set a ground where we can stand on and continue. Thumbs up.
 Fan 2:
I read a number of your papers since I started my PhD, I am a big fan of your publications.
Fan 3: 
Unique that an Arabic man is critical looking at his “own kind” in the Arabic world.
Fan 4:
To express appreciation for Al Lily’s books such as The Bro Code of Saudi Culture:,666 Rules on how the Human Body should Act Inside ArabiaJosé van Helden (from the Netherlands) has written 4 haikus formed in a story. These haikus can be read one by one, or they can be read as they are following up. The order of the parts in the following-up sequence can be changed; for example 4, 2,1,3. The haikus are:
Abdul professor
Arabic public rater
Saudi knowledge
Books written by him
666 Saudi rules
How should act inside
Saudi culture
666 knowledge for me
To learn Saudi
Saudi culture
Knowledge for the world and me
Personal message

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