Interesting Professional Experiences

  • Being the author of the Amazon bestselling book The Bro Code of Saudi Culture: 2222 Tweet-Sized Explanations of how the Human Body Acts in Arabia
  • Being the first author and mediator of an article authored by 99 academics; the first in the social sciences to be written by such a large number of people
  • Being the founder of the authorship approach Crowd-Authoring
  • Studying at the University of Oxford
  • Working with the owner of Wikipedia
  • Working with impact-factor journals and the largest academic publishers: Elsevier, Springer, Taylor & Francis, Wiley, Sage & Oxford University Press.
  • Writing in different languages, for academic & non-academic magazines (e.g. Australasian Science, openDemocracy, Your Middle East, Vocativ & the Italian Journal of Geopolitics).
  • Writing 18 articles and 2 books by the age of 33
  • Being a top-0.5% researcher on in 2016.
  • Having articles as the most read articles in impact-factor journals.

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